New Bedford Standard Times
November 13, 1951

West Island Lights Go On Tiny Diesel Plant Operating 24 Hours

Summer and year round residents of West Island, Fairhaven deprived of electric power for more than a week while the fate of West Island Power, Inc. rested in the hands of Suffolk County Superior Court, discarded their candles and oil lamps at 11a.m. Sunday.

The tiny diesel power plant which is the sole source of electricity for most of the islands 180 home owners was returned to 24 hour operation under the direction of S. Emory Bentley, New Bedford attorney, appointed temporary receiver of the company last Thursday by Judge Felix Forte. Copies of the court decree were served Saturday on Avery C. Small of Fairhaven, president and general manager of the firm, and his wife Mrs. Eugenie Small, clerk. Company records and the key to the plant were turned over to Mr. Bentley at 5 p.m. Saturday and temporary repairs to the two diesel generators were completed by 2:30 the following morning with the aid of a diesel mechanic and an electrician.

Mr. Bentley’s appointment was on a bill in equity brought by John G. Buttrick of Concord, treasurer of the corporation: Charles P. White of Boston, a director and Fairhaven Estates, Inc. West Island realty firm. Petitioners claim the company is insolvent and asked that it be dissolved. They stated that funds are available for operation of the power plant by a receiver until Dec. 1, when the New Bedford Gas and Edison Electric Light Company is expected to extend service to the island.

Whether or not the receivership will continue in force until distribution of power on the island is taken over by the New Bedford firm will be determined next Monday, when the decree will come up for review before Judge Forte. Respondents in the bill in equity will be heard at that time.