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Where The Heck is Sconticut Neck?

Fairhaven Star articles

New Bedford Evening Standard May 25, 1886 The Draw in West Island Bridge

March 17, 1946 Standard Times article about development of West Island

150 Cottages Built in 3 Years On Fairhaven's West Island, June 4, 1950 Standard Times

Standard Times November 13, 1951 West Island lights to go on after bankruptcy

Standard Times June 29, 1952 article about growth of West Island community

August 30, 1951 Standard Times article of Community House being built

November 11, 1954 Standard Times article about hurricane damage to Causeway and struggle to rebuilt it

A West Island mystery cemented into legend.

West Island's own ghost

Sconticut Neck's Union Chapel built in 1892 still stands as a residence. Articles about it's opening in the Fairhaven Star and New Bedford Mercury

'Old Fairhaven' by Charles A. Harris from the Fairhaven Star of April 4, 1946

Pope Beach off of Manhatten Ave on Sconticut Neck was one of the first developed areas on the Neck and a major attraction for the enire area. A pavillion and pier off of the trolley tracks were just part of it.

Sconticut Neck and Ripleys Believe It or Not!

LINK! History of Sconticut Neck written by Mabel L. Potter in 1945. Posted on the Millicent Library website.