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New Bedford Standard Times

November 11, 1954

Herter to Inspect Causeway Damage

The damage caused to the West Island causeway by the hurricane of August 31 will be inspected Wednesday by Governor Christopher Herter and other state and local officials, with a view to learning what can be done to render the island accessible to vehicles.

The governor will be accompanied here by John A. Volpe state public works commissioner, and Rudolph G. Bessette, director of the division of waterways, and will confer with the selectmen and representatives of Fairhaven Estates, Inc., owners of the causeway, and the West Island Improvement Association, organization of property owners on the island.

The Reverend Charles A. Wyman, association president, sought of state officials after negotiations of the causeway owners and the selectmen proved fruitless. The selectman advised residents of the island that any action by the town would have to await approval by a town meeting.

The causeway is not only the only means of access to the island, other than by boat, but also provides the only route to the town's public beach on the south end of the island.