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New Bedford Standard Times

June 29, 1952

200 Families Live on Island Unoccupied 5 Years Ago

Two hundred families now occupy portions of a 740 acre wooded tract that until five years ago had been unoccupied since Indian days. West Island, on the tip of Sconticut Neck, Fairhaven, once was a Summer resort of the Indians, who reached it by canoe to pitch teepees for the Summer season. Today it's growing population reaches it by auto and enjoys most conveniences of urban living as well as the seculsion prized by the Indians.

Fairhaven Estates, the corporaton that developed the island resort, expects an eventual population of 600 to 700 families.

Easily Accesible

Only five miles from New Bedford, and easily accesible from such heavily populated areas as Pawtucket, Fall Riven and even Boston. West Island is convenient to persons to whom long distances between their homes and a place for weekends and Summer sports and rest would be a definite disadvantage.

A few years ago the spot was isolated, accesible only by boat. Now thanks to the Fairhaven Estates Improvement Association it is connected to the mainland by a two lane road. <

Originally it had it's own private but unreliable and somewhat expensive power plant. Today it is served by the New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Company. Telephone connections are available to all and the island has it's own restaraunt and market and regular milk deliveries.

The improvement Association has organized a volunteer fire department and has accquired modern fire fighting apparatus for the colonies protection.

Safety for children, too, has been considered in the association's planning. Life guards are on duty and the water of Buzzard's Bay are warm and free from dangerous undertows. Ten lots have been set aside as children's playground and traffic hazzards on the island are limited as it is removed from main lines of travel.

Community Spirit

Though the opportunity for seclusion is one of the features of West Island, no one need remain lonley. Community spirit is highly developed and events like clambakes and frankfurter roasts are well attended. The beaches can be used only by the residents.

The most recent improvement to be put into effect has been oiling of the roads to make them dust free. At this time attention is being focused on 40 new lots that have been made available for occupancy near the West Island Lighthouse.